Even in March Madness the University of Kentucky Basketball team did an outstanding job! Let’s not forget UK Wildcats Men’s Basketball won the SEC Championship over Tennessee right before March Madness Men’s Basketball tournament began.


Winning the SEC Championship 2018 was great. And then of course it was on to March Madness. University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball team played well in game 1 winning against Davidson. Coming away with a 78 – 73 win. Then the University of Kentucky Basketball team steamrolled over Buffalo by 20 points in round 2 of March Madness.


That left University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball playing Kansas State in the Sweet Sixteen. It was a tough loss to get knocked out but University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball played well this season. We had 24 wins and some great games. Coach John Calipari said in a press conference afterward “Congratulations to Kansas State, they played well… We had our chance to win.” He went on to say he was proud of his guys. He put the responsibility on his shoulders that he could have “called a time out with 19 seconds left but they had worked on something and thought they could catch them off guard.” University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball coach went on to express that it was interesting to see how these players developed. On the backside of this loss for you and I, there is a bright side… Just as John Calipari said “we played a lot of Freshman.”

The beautiful part is we did play a lot of them and that means plenty of guys coming back next year to play UK Men’s Basketballnext season at University of Kentucky Basketball where we will always remain Winners of the SEC Championship 2018 even if we lost in March Madness.

What could next year’s March Madness hold in store for University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

University of Kentucky Basketball averaged a staggering 38.6 in rebounds during the season with their opponents only hitting the mid 33.5 mark. UK Wildcat Basketball had more turnovers than their opponents but they also had more points from turnovers which goes to show when you play with risk that creates opportunity for great points scored in turnover situations.


UK Wildcats Men’s Basketball had more blocks over their opponents, 176 – 134 which again speaks to good defense. We also averaged more points scored per game this season by 6.6 over the competition. Oddsmakers opened up with University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball as the favorite with a spread of 5.5 points to win over Kansas State. The night before the game it got down to a 3 point favor over KS… UK Coach John Calipari said “they played the kind of game, a physical game and did what they had to do and shot 35% and won a basketball game.”

He was proud of our team and so are we! Tell us what you love about University of Kentucky Basketball?

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