Due to COVID-19 & National State of Emergency, Mb2 Raceway is will be closed until further notice. We will update our website, social media, and messaging system to reflect information on when we will reopen all facilities. Our staff will be out of the office until we open.

For events taking place during our closure, our Event team will follow up with you after we reopen with reschedule or cancellation options. For events taking place after this closure, you will be contacted 24 – 72 hours before your event for final event confirmation.

Information on our cancel and reschedule policy: Mb2 allots a 48 hour cancellation period. Meaning that if you cancel 48+ hours before your event date, you will receive your inputted deposit back. Being that our staff is out of the office, refunds will be processed once we return to the office. If you would instead like to reschedule, Mb2 Raceway is happy to check availability for your new preferred date when we return. If you cancel within the 48-hour mark, instead of the situation at hand, MB2 Raceway may allow a 1-time reschedule to a new date. This will be dependent on the individual case and handled once we return to the office.

  Stay safe and healthy.

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Go Kart RACING PACKAGES – MB2 Racing Pricing

Birthday Parties

Let’s Go Racing! MB2 Racing Parties, Room Rentals and Facility Rentals are the perfect way to have your next party. What are you planning for? We can make it happen… From Children, To Teens and Adults, we know how to party!

Weekday Racing

Check out our weekday pricing where you can race as many times as you want! How many races would you like?

Racing Parties and Fundraisers

Our MB2 Raceway Event Host are trained to help you plan your next event, party or fundraiser seamlessly with ease. Let’s chat!

Bachelor Parties and Private Events

Bachelor Parties and Bachelorette Parties are just some of the event and Private Racing Party requests that we host on a regular basis! Let our super friendly Event Hosts at MB2 Raceway help you plan your evening out in style with everything you need!

VIP Track Pass

Ready For A HEADSTART? Call ahead for you and two friends when you have a registered VIP Track Pass, reserve your race times so you won’t have to wait in line!*

Why MB2 Racing?

Satisfy The Need For Speed! MB2 Racing

Go Kart Speeds Up To 45 MPH

It’s Time To Go Racing!

Multiple drivers can race and compete at the same time. Do you have what it takes?

New Progressive Pricing

Our New Weekday Rates Are The BEST! Check out our prices by location here.

VIP Track Pass Access

You can register now for your VIP Track Pass and call in ahead for you and 2 friends to pre-schedule your race times

Fun For Kids and Adults

No matter your age MB2 Raceway is fun for anyone. Check out all our attractions from indoor go-kart, arcades, laser tag, VR and more!

Go Kart Racing Times

We’ll track all your fastest times and save them in our system, it’s awesome! Join Racing Leagues Now