MB2 Raceway – Mini Grand Prix Go Kart Track Racing:
  • You get a qualifier and a Grand Prix race in this package
  • The qualifier race identifies your grid start position in the Grand Prix race



MB2 Raceway – 3 Race Grand Prix Go Kart Track Racing:

  • You get one practice race to start out your Grand Prix
  • In the second race, your qualifier places you in one of the grid start positions
  • Race as fast as you can in the next two races
  • Your best times move you in for the best start positions
  • You get your final Grand Prix race, qualifier, and practice in this package



MB2 Raceway – Super Grand Prix Go Kart Track Racing:

  • In the first race, your qualifier places you in one of the grid start positions

  • Race as fast as you can in the next two races

  • In the second race, your qualifier places you in one of the grid start positions

  • In each race, your best times move you to the best start positions

  • You get a practice race, two qualifiers, and one final race in the Super Grand Prix

There is no hard deadline on how far in advance events need to be booked, however, it is best to book as early as possible to have the best possible chance of getting your desired date and time.

Unfortunately, no. MB2 does not split packages between adult and junior racers due to the differences in size and speed of the adult and junior karts. If you have guests at your event that are in the age group opposite of what your event is booked for, they are still welcome to race as public racers at a discounted rate.

Absolutely! Extra races can be added on to any package that we offer either during the booking process, or on the day of your event. Just keep in mind that if you add them on the day of the event, the extra races will be subject to the current wait time as they are not part of the original reservation.

A Headsock is a protective garment that you put on your head before you put the helmet on. Headsocks are required for any racer that is going to be using our helmets. Headsocks are not included with party packages, as not everyone always needs them. For example, racers who have their own helmets, or racers who already have a headsock with them from a previous visit would not need to purchase one. So, we do not include them as part of the package price to ensure that you are only charged for the ones you actually need.

Currently our Raceway locations do not have food on-site aside from small snacks (chips, candy, beef jerky, etc.). There is a variety of catering options available for all event packages, or, you can bring in your own food for a food fee of $50. You must have a private room if you intend to bring in food as we do not allow outside food in the main lobby.

All of our party packages have a maximum headcount of 30 participating guests. If your event is going to have more than 30 guests participating in the activities (racing, laser-tag, etc.) you will need to book using our full-facility rental option.

The length of parties varies based on several factors such as the head count, number of races, and additional add-ons. Typically, most parties last between 1.5 and 3 hours, but there is almost always flexibility.

Unfortunately, no. Our rooms are available for rent only as part of an event reservation. If you are interested in renting a room we have a number of packages and options available to work with almost any budget.

Austin Huffman

General Manager

I have been with MB2 Raceway for over 5 years and have worked in every position along the way. My goal when I come into work everyday is to provide an energetic, fun, and safe environment for everyone who visits to experience the thrill of racing.

Jaymee Hekkers

Events Assistant

My goal as Assistant Event Coordinator is to ensure that your experience here at MB2 Raceway is easy and fun. My staff and I have a mutual goal to make sure that your event is everything that you could want. I look forward to speaking with you and planning your event with us here at MB2 Raceway!

Alyssa Gomez

Event Coordinator

I have worked with MB2 Raceway for 5 years and have learned the ins and outs of what makes up a great and memorable event. As your Event Coordinator, I am so excited to help you make memories that you and your family and friends will never forget.