Super FAST Go Karts and Super FUN Kids Birthday Parties for boys and girls at MB2 Raceway. That’s what happens here… This is the spot to have a great party room, an event coordinator for you to help you plan and do all the logistics during the event for you, so you can enjoy the experience of having your kid’s birthday party here at MB2 Raceway.

Birthday Party Ideas range from:

  • Arcade time
  • Racing Go Karts
  • VIP Birthday Party Rooms
  • Eating Pizzas
  • Birthday Cake and Candles
  • Photo Opportunities While Entertaining Guests
  • Having fun with your friends at MB2


It’s Birthday Party time at MB2 Raceway!! Our facilities have an optional amazing VIP party room with couches, pool table and X-box plus games so your kids can hang out, let loose and get ready for some exciting Go Kart Racing on the track at MB2 Raceway.


Birthday Parties for Boys… This experience having a Go Kart Racing party is magnificent and affordable for just about any party size up to around 40 people. Boys love MB2 Raceway because of the arcade, the x-box and the super fast Go Kart Racing on the track. There is plenty of cool stuff to have fun with and the go kart racing takes the cake making this the premier birthday party for boys.

Birthday Parties for Girls… YUP, even girls love having their party at MB2 Raceway. The experience of racing is a blast and you can race at speeds up to 35-45MPH depending which kart size you choose based on driver height and requirements. These karts are safe, Fun and FAST!! We guarantee you and your party guests along with the guest of honor will have a blast no matter how young or old, this experience is one they’ll remember forever.

Birthday Parties for Teens and Tweens can be tough to plan BUT at MB2 Raceway they’re easy. Our Event Coordinators can help you find the package you need for your teen or tween birthday party. We’ll help you: choose your party room, select the add-on items and food that you want to have and we’ll even provide you invitations for you to send your guests. At MB2 Raceway we love hosting parties and we’ve helped 100,000+ families, corporations, adults and children plan and host their parties over the past 10+ years in business doing Go Kart Racing Parties.

Who’s Birthday Is Coming Up That You’re Planning For? We’ve got the birthday party ideas for you and our event coordinators will help you make it a smash hit. Have your next birthday celebration here at MB2 Raceway!

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