Teens love experiences that hit on all major senses and a birthday party for teens is harder to plan for parents than when they were so young. Teen birthday parties have a sense of “cool” with social media being so hot right now your teens are probably spending their fair share of time online from their phone and you want their party to be so cool that they want to share it with their friends and family, right?

MB2 Raceway has the most awesome Teen Birthday Party Ideas you can imagine up. We’re ready to help you plan the party of the year for your boys or girls birthday celebration.

Our go kart racing tracks have no emissions because they are electric karts and teens and tweens love having an MB2 Raceway party.

It’s party time and we’ve go you covered with great birthday party ideas for your tweens birthday party extravaganza. Bring their friends and family because everyone is going to want to be a part of their MB2 Go Kart Racing birthday party. Now we’ve got an arcade for everyone and of course there will be cake but most of all it’s about going FAST on the track and having a birthday party that rocks!




Birthday party ideas for teens (and for tweens) too… Is your child at that awkward where nothing seems to be cool enough for them or their friends? Or perhaps they’re a bit older and they “know what’s cool” but somehow they aren’t even ready for you to play the “I’m cool too card.” Parents of teens and tweens know all to well how this situation can feel and we’ve want to help you throw your boy or girl a birthday party they never had AND… Make you look super cool because let’s face it… It was your idea to book a party for them anyway. Might as well be the coolest Go Kart Racing birthday party they’ve ever experienced.

Trust me… It’s a very wise decision and something all their friends are going to want to be a part of.

Go Kart Racing parties are great for adults and children but especially for teens and tweens. Who doesn’t love going super fast at speeds up to 45MPH in Go Karts?




It’s Birthday Party time at MB2 Raceway!! Our facility has multiple birthday party rooms for you depending on how many guest you’re expecting at your party.

If the teen or tween birthday party that you’re planning is super special then we’ve got some amazing Birthday Party Ideas for tweens! Our VIP birthday party room with TV, couches, pool table, and X-box games is a smash hit so adults and kids can hang out, let loose and get ready for some exciting birthday party times Go Kart Racing on the track at your kids birthday party.

How fun does that sound? It’s super awesome! They’ll love it! MB2 Raceway birthday party places are an absolute win for teen birthday parties!