Just a few decades ago, you wouldn’t often see a woman who loves hitting the track to get some laps in. With women such as Danica Patrick and Alice Powell dominating the racetrack, however, more women are beginning to find the excitement and thrill in go-karting. In this blog, we share a few reasons why women love to go go-karting:


It’s true that more men would consider themselves adrenaline junkies than women, but there are still a number of ladies who enjoy chasing that feeling. Sitting in a go-kart can give women a sense of empowerment that can’t be found in any other setting. In addition, go-karting gives people the feeling that they’re invincible and free – and who doesn’t love that?


Once your helmet goes on, everyone is on the same level. It can be intimidating to enter the racetrack for a competition, but the only person who knows your skill level is you. Go-Kart racing is meant to be a fun competition for everyone, so leave your inhibitions at the door.


According to the American Psychological Association, women are more likely than men to report higher levels of stress. Go-Karting offers an outlet to relieve stress and do something that isn’t for work or school. Women who find serenity in a revving engine are likely to be attracted to the world of go-karting.


For women with children, it can be difficult to come up with activities that will be fun for both you and your children without breaking the bank. Regardless of age, go-karting is an enjoyable yet affordable experience for all. It gives children a moment to live out their racecar driver fantasy and adults a chance to goof off and feel like a kid again.

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