The seemingly endless laps of a race at Bristol Motor Speedway or the constant tight, winding corners of a single lap at the annual Monte Carlo stop on the Formula One calendar may seem like a tough task for drivers to endure. While they’re not easy by any stretch, they pale in comparison to some of the world’s most daunting auto races. These spectacular competitions combine grueling terrain with long distances and continuous varying challenges to create a competition that pushes both man and machine to their absolute limits. Think you’ve seen a tough race? Think again. Here are the five most difficult famous auto races to finish.


Held each November in the small Southeast Asian country of Malaysia, this race pits dozens of competitors against each other for the toughest off-road racing on the planet. How tough is it? It takes the competitors five days to finish the course that stretches only about 500 miles. In fact, some stretches are so difficult that it can take teams over an hour just to go a single kilometer. But that kilometer can be filled with everything from slippery slopes of mud to giant, craggy boulders, to massive forests involving careful weaving to avoid getting stuck. Bring a winch, you’re going to need it.


The Nurburgring is a famous (and infamous) auto circuit located just outside the German city of Nuremburg. This circuit is known for being the ultimate test of both car and driver, with the most popular Nordschliefe circuit measuring just under 13 miles in length. It’s over this circuit, which features an incredible 154 turns that one of the most testing endurance races is held every year. No race tests the limits of a car’s performance for hours at a time or a driver’s ability to remain completely focused more than lap after lap of this track for 24 hours straight.


The Isle of Man is a small autonomous island in the Irish Sea that’s roughly about 220 square miles in size. Every summer, some of the most daring and perhaps insane superbike riders head to the island to take a crack at the 37.7 mile Snaefell Mountain course. The annual competition that has been held for more than 100 years to this day still has the highest fatality rate of any motor race, making it easily the most dangerous motorcycle race on the planet.


While not as fatal as the Isle of Man TT, the Erzberg Rodeo is even tougher to get from start to finish. The course? From the bottom to the top of a working quarry in the Austrian Alps. But the trick to this race isn’t the distance, it’s the sheer difficulty of making it out. The hill is extraordinarily steep and covered with loose dirt and gravel, making it a challenge for even seasoned riders to reach the finish. This enduro-style race is known for taking out competitors. The 2011 running of this race saw more than 1,000 riders qualify and only nine actually reach the final finish line.

1. THE BAJA 1000

Have you ever seen the movie Death Race? The Baja 1000 is kind of like that, minus the guns. This race that annually takes place across the desert terrain of Baja California in Mexico and features challenges you won’t find in any other event. Spectators have been known to booby trap the course for entertainment, competitors have been detained by local police, and the grueling course and difficult terrain makes for a race where it’s not uncommon for the two-wheeled motorcycles to actually beat the more-powerful and overall-faster four-wheeled entries in overall time. The teams who can claim to have finished the Baja 1000 have earned one of the most prestigious badges of honor in the world of off-road racing.

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