Thinking about your first trip or event at MB2 Raceway? Never driven a go-kart? Worried that you won’t know what to do? It’s normal for beginners to believe that indoor go-kart racing is too difficult to try or that they do not have the know-how to participate.

The truth is that indoor go-kart racing can be safe and fun for anyone ready to learn some simple rules and become acclimated with best racing practices. Our staff and track marshals are always ready to assist beginner racers make the most of their time at MB2 Raceway, but for those still undecided about attending MB2 Raceway or hosting their own party or event with us, we’re ready to share a few basic tips to make you feel more at home behind the wheel.

Understanding a few essential go-kart basics:

“How fast will I go?” Go-karts are not remotely operated at a fixed speed like some amusement park rides—drivers independently operate both a throttle and a brake. For beginners, it’s recommended that you use your first few races to learn the machine and the track. And for those worried about going too slow, MB2 keeps our karts in optimal condition so that no matter which you choose, you have a competitive chance at winning your next race.

It’s not bumper cars. Some beginners assume indoor racing is akin to a motorized ride. While some light, incidental contact on the track can happen, the point of indoor racing is to complete a circuit as quickly as possible—not disrupt your fellow drivers. Intentionally running into other drivers can result in a black flag and end your chances of winning your race.

Don’t push yourself. Indoor racing can be physically demanding. If you suddenly feel too tired or ill to continue your circuit, it’s best to slow your vehicle safely at the pit and pause your race. Continuing to try and face when you are not feeling 100% only puts you and other drivers at unnecessary risk.

Stay vigilant. Just like other forms of driving, it is important that drivers stay vigilant of others on the track. Our marshals do all they can to keep drivers compliant and safe, but staying aware is the best way to ensure a fun and competitive race.

Have fun! There are rules to follow on the track, but, ultimately, the point of indoor racing at MB2 Raceway is to have fun. Know the flags, stay alert, and enjoy!

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