We are occasionally asked why we choose to race with fully-electric go-karts as opposed to the more commonly-known and widely-used gas engine powered go-karts. There are several reasons for this, mostly pertaining to the advantages that electric go-karts have over their gas-powered counterparts. Each type of kart has advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll explore now.


We race indoors here at MB2, which means that all of the exhaust and fumes put out by a gas-powered kart would be trapped inside the building without a complex and high-power ventilation system. When you come to MB2, you won’t be greeted with the smell of burning gasoline, grease, and car exhaust (which some people appreciate far more than others). Likewise, the noise created by a gas-powered kart is fairly loud, and placing that in an enclosed space would make the noise deafening. Then multiply it by 12 karts or more and you would need hearing protection just to be inside the building! In this regard, electric karts are far superior to gas powered ones.


One of the biggest advantages that an electric motor has over a gas engine is that electric motors can maintain their maximum torque right up until they reach their maximum speed. This means an electric car can deliver extremely fast acceleration with immense power in the blink of an eye, without the need for a transmission. This also makes them far easier to limit in terms of speed, which ensures race safety. A gas powered kart would need a transmission to maintain its maximum power, as there are certain spots along the rev band in which the engine produces more power than others. This also makes a gas powered kart more difficult to drive. So once again, the electric kart is superior to the gas kart.


Topping off an electric kart’s batteries is a simple matter of plugging it in and letting the charging units do their work. However, topping off a battery is not quite like topping off a fuel tank. Whereas completely refueling a gas powered kart can take just a few brief minutes, filling up a drained electric kart can take hours. We leave our karts plugged in every night to ensure they are topped off each morning, and they can last most of the day on a single charge (and be plugged in between races to extend their life further), but gas engines are still far better in this regard.

Ready to experience the difference in driving a fully-electric European-style go kart for yourself? Head over to your local MB2 Raceway to hit the track today! We offer daily arrive-and-drive style races for drivers of all ages and skill levels, as well as a number of great event packages for birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate events, and more. Whether you’re looking to get a few practice laps in or prove to your friends or colleagues that you’re the master of the track, our San Fernando indoor karting center can help you experience the high-speed thrills of wheel-to-wheel racing.

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