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Each Friday marks the end of another week of school and work, as you look forward to having two days of freedom, relaxation and fun. Every weekend represents an opportunity to exchange the pressures of the daily grind for more pleasant pastimes, but first you have to find the best mix of activities to maximize your fun. Luckily, MB2 Raceway offers at least three exciting things to do this weekend near Los Angeles in one fun-packed venue.

Kart Racing Tops the Heart-Pounding Things to Do This Weekend

The thrill of speed combined with lighthearted fun makes kart racing an exhilarating weekend diversion. An indoor venue means that your weekend entertainment plans won’t be spoiled by unpredictable weather.


You can challenge yourself and compare your skill to the other racers in your group. Keeping an eye on the big screen and pushing for your best-ever lap time revs up the intensity and gives your weekend an exciting goal to shoot for. By emphasizing safety as well as fun, MB2 keeps your weekend enjoyment on track.

Weekend Warriors Go All-In for Laser Tag

Tired of sitting around all weekend? As an active pursuit, laser tag will help you get your family up off the couch without nagging them into anything as boring as exercise! Laser tag is a great weekend diversion that will turn on your competitive drive, even if you don’t think you have one.

If your family is full of take-no-prisoners adrenaline junkies, you may want to dive right into a free-for-all, pitting yourselves against everyone else in the arena. Alternatively, you can split off into teams for a bit more controlled combat. Either way, an epic session of laser tag will light up your family’s weekend.

Arcade Games for A Day of Play

A night out that’s built around activities every family member can enjoy is not just an indulgence. It’s quality time that reinforces bonds and makes memories. One place where you can find something to appeal to absolutely every family member is the MB2 Raceway arcade. An assortment of almost two dozen games makes the arcade the perfect addition to your crew’s weekend fun.

Bright lights, zany music and tests of skill will keep kids of all ages engaged and happy. Maybe you’ll introduce your young ones to a classic arcade game that you’ve always loved. On the other hand, your kids might enjoy schooling you on the ins and outs of their favorite. Fun, prizes and good-natured competition will keep your weekend lively even when you’re not racing.

Arcade Game Shortlist: 

  • Space Invaders
  • VR Rabbids
  • Connect Four Basketball
  • And much more!

MB2 Delivers Things to Do This Weekend Near Los Angeles

Your family deserves a break after a hectic week, but that doesn’t mean you just want to sit around the house ignoring each other while staring at your phones. If you want to make your weekend count, you have to make it active and fun. Whether you’re looking for high-speed thrills, skillful challenges or just frivolous fun, you can wrap a lot of enjoyment into two days!

For more information on exciting things to do this weekend near LA, contact MB2 Raceway today!


While most students look forward to graduation with pleasurable anticipation, there is also a lot of effort and stress that comes with making such a big change. As school days draw to a close, the need to mark the occasion is matched by the need to cut loose and release the pressure. For these reasons, planning a graduation party that is both celebratory and exciting is a must.

Why Planning a Graduation Party Means So Much

With such a meaningful milestone, it’s essential to plan a graduation party that’s more than a just standard bash. That’s because graduation marks a period of transition on multiple fronts. Perhaps most significantly, graduation is often a moment when friends have to go their separate ways, or at least have less time to spend together as their grown-up lives begin. This change in personal relationships makes having one last blast with friends a central part of any graduation party.

The location of a grad-night celebration carries its own significance. While it can be nice to revisit familiar sites of previous good times, graduation is about new adventures. Booking a celebration at an exciting new place can make a graduation party an opportunity to strengthen existing bonds while discovering new sources of fun together. A party that introduces friends and family to a new pastime could become the foundation of not just fond memories but a new tradition!

How To Plan a Graduation Party: It’s the Experience That Counts

A night to remember is built around unforgettable experiences rather than things. Whether reliving favorite pastimes or embracing a new experience, what people do makes life more memorable than what they have.


Since graduating highlights the evolution from youth to adulthood, those experiences should incorporate both childlike fun and grown-up excitement. After all, who doesn’t want to carry the most enjoyable parts of their youth along with them as they head into their adulthood!

The key to arranging a graduation party full of both enjoyable and unforgettable experiences is non-stop activity. The best party options offer enough variety to please every guest. Some partygoers will seek out adrenaline or achievement, speeding from one competition to another. Others will prefer games and activities on the lighter or sillier side, prioritizing laughter and camaraderie. If variety is “the spice of life” as the old saying asserts, it is also the heart and soul of a good party. Nothing kills the festive spirit faster than having guests get bored with doing the same old thing.

Planning a Graduation Party That Makes Memories

The months leading up to a student’s graduation can be filled with studying, preparation, and anxiety about the future. The moment of celebrating graduation should be filled with unique experiences and opportunities to make long-lasting memories.

Injecting laughter, excitement and fun into those final days as a student can transform the graduation celebration into an event to remember for life.  If you need help planning a graduation party unlike any other, contact MB2 Raceway to arrange a celebration that sends you racing toward your future.