It’s Birthday Party time at MB2 Raceway and we’ve got the best birthday party ideas for the party you’re planning to have!! Our facilities have multiple party rooms for you depending on how many guest you’re expecting at your party.

If the birthday party that you are planning is super special then we have some amazing Birthday Party Ideas for you! Our VIP birthday party room with TV, couches, pool table, and X-box games is a smash hit so adults and kids can hang out, let loose and get ready for some exciting birthday party times Go Kart Racing on the track at your kids birthday party.

How fun does that sound?

MB2 Raceway birthday party options are an absolute win!



Birthday Party Ideas for kids… There are so many options from cartoon themes, to play inside, or play outside. But let’s face it… Hosting and planning a birthday party on your own can be fun, but it can also be a lot of work and the logistics of every child and their guests can get tough. As kids become closer teens and tweens the choices for birthday party ideas narrow even more, but not with MB2 Raceway.


We offer fantastic go kart racing birthday parties for kids and adults of all ages. Our event coordinators will help you choose the perfect birthday party package and make your birthday party experience fun for your special birthday guest, all the party guests and for you.


We’ll provide the birthday party room location and the peace of mind that we want you to know we’ve got your back and we want you to enjoy the party too!


Your Go Kart Racing Birthday Party will be talked about for a long time by parents and children that attend. Let’s face it… There’s birthday parties and then on a whole new level you have the choice of MB2 Raceway Parties. Kids and Adults love go kart racing. Once you decide to have a go kart racing party you’ll be super satisfied you did! Plus you’ll be seen as the cool Mom or Dad that hosts the best birthday parties at the go kart track! And, we both know that’s cool right?

MB2 Raceway birthday party options are absolutely a win win!!

We provide:

  • Birthday Party Rooms
  • Choice of VIP Party Rooms
  • Go Kart Racing Parties
  • Your Own MB2 Event Coordinator
  • An Amazing Experience Kids & Adults Love
  • Guest Party Favor Package Options



Birthday Party Ideas for Boys: It’s a Go Kart Racing Party so let’s go racing. Sure, you could have boys birthday parties at home but what’s the fun in being trapped at the house? And if you do that it will mean you’re probably going to end up doing all the work yourself? Some boys like Lego Parties, and some like a beach party but the best birthday parties for boys are of course MB2 Go Kart Racing parties!

We’ve got plenty of Birthday Party Ideas! From the arcade, the VIP Room and go kart racing MB2 has an experience kids will remember and love! That’s right… These birthday party ideas at MB2 Raceway help you throw a rockin’ and racing party that’s great for adults and kids of all ages. MB2 Raceway is the spot to book your next birthday party for boys.

Rock and Roll with your x-box in the VIP party room, have a blast at your next birthday party by choosing MB2 Raceway. It’ll be a party everyone can enjoy and we’ll clean up the mess for you.

Birthday Party Ideas for Girls: There’s lots of girls birthday party ideas depending how much fun you want your birthday girl and her guests to have? MB2 Raceway Birthday Party for Girls includes arcade access, your own birthday party room, cake, invitations, pizzas, decorations and an AHHHmazing Event Coordinator that will make you look like a rockstar mom or dad without you having to do all the work yourself. Now, Let’s celebrate…

It’s time for a birthday celebration so let’s do it together at MB2 Raceway. Your birthday party has pizzas, birthday cake and even an ice cream buffet if you want it… Our event coordinators are awesome and we’ll help you coordinate whatever you can dream up for your girls birthday party experience right here at MB2 Raceway. It’s superb.

  • Go Kart Racing Party
  • VIP Birthday Party Experience
  • Your Own Party Event Coordinator
  • Birthday Party Rooms
  • Having A Blast Racing Go Karts

You’re right… These are simply the best birthday party ideas for girls! I’m glad you agree.



Super FAST Go Karts and Super FUN Kids Birthday Parties for boys and girls at MB2 Raceway. That’s what happens here… MB2 Raceway is the premier place to have your next birthday party!

It’s time to celebrate and we will provide an event coordinator for you to help you plan the super awesome party for that special guest of honor. It’s a kids birthday party surprise go kart racing experience and kids love it! Our MB2 Raceway Event Coordinator will help you plan all the logistics for the event and they will be there during your event to help you have everything running smoothly so you can enjoy the party too! Book your next event with us for your kid’s birthday party here at MB2 Raceway.

Birthday Party Ideas range from:

  • Arcade time
  • Racing Go Karts
  • VIP Birthday Party Rooms
  • Eating Pizzas Or Catering Something Nice
  • Birthday Cake and Candles
  • Photo Opportunities On The Racer Podium
  • Having fun with your friends at MB2



Birthday party ideas for teens (and for tweens) too… It’s party time and we’ve go you covered with great birthday party ideas for your teens birthday party extravaganza. Bring their friends and family because everyone is going to want to be a part of their MB2 Go Kart Racing birthday party. Now we’ve got an arcade for everyone and of course there will be cake but most of all it’s about going FAST on the track and having a birthday party that rocks for teens and tweens!